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Welcome to the Marc2 cluster system management Trac

This Trac collects all system management-related information for the Marc2 HPC cluster, running at Philipps-Universität Marburg. The cluster is maintained by the local system administrators ( Thomas Gebhardt,  Manuel Haim and  René Sitt), the support team of  circular and in a second line by  ParTec.

General information

Getting access

Getting guidance and advice

General questions will be answered by our user support team (which you may also ask for an appointment or a hands-on session at your office):

Please note that our user support team is managed and trained by the Competence Center for High Performance Computing in Hessen (Hessisches Kompetenzzentrum für Hochleistungsrechnen, HKHLR).

In-depth information about the Hessian HPC infrastructure, as well as future workshops and tutorials on HPC topics at Hessian universities, can be found on the HKHLR website:

Reporting problems

Problems at Marc2 with system management in general, running jobs or other unspecified issues should be reported to the local system administrators:

Marc2 administrators may want to get in contact with the support team of circular or Par-Tec directly:

Trouble tickets

Only MaRC2 administrators may create tickets, others should just write an email to marc[at] .

To create new trouble tickets, use the link New Ticket. Owners of newly created tickets will be notified by email. The ownership depends on the selected component, be sure to select the proper one! To check the status of an existing ticket, use the link View Tickets. Or enter the ticket number preceded by # in the search field.

Note: If you don't have an account, you are not allowed to create new tickets! Please log in to do so.

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