The introduction should give a brief overview of the Marc2 cluster, the motivation for building it and what will be achieved by the project. Further, it mentions the intended audience. After introducing typographic conventions, it should describe the contents of each section.

About Marc2


Typographic Conventions

The following conventions are used within this book:

  • italic: For e-mail addresses, host names, filenames, URLs, comments within source code
  • fixed font: Contents of files and output of commands
  • fixed font bold: Text and commands entered by the user/administrator
  • fixed font, italic: To mark exchangeable components in code samples.
  • <fixed font>: Syntactic units to be replaced by real code

Location of this trac system

The Trac system lives on the virtual machine marc2-trac.marc2. It's accessible from within the Marc2 cluster. In addition, it may be reached using the external name <TBD>.

Obtaining a PDF version of this document

The Marc2 administration guide may be retrieved as a PDF document by navigating to Make Book. Fill in the book properties, select all Marc2_Adminguide pages (order is important) and hit the create button. A PDF document will be created on the fly to be downloaded/printed afterwards.